How much Do Pilates Instructors Get Paid?

On the average, Pilates instructors get paid $45 per hour. That would certainly depend on a lot of factors. Before someone becomes a Pilates instructor, that person must be passionate about the fitness industry. The person must also want to motivate people to lose weight and concentrate on the task at hand.

There are many reasons to do so but you can only think of the challenge since you will encounter people from all walks of life. Some of them are just forced to be in the Pilates class and it is your job to let them make the most out of it. When you have a goal in life, you would want to do everything in your power to get there. There are times when it is not all about the money as some Pilates instructors love what they do.

It is important to complete the Matwork course before beginning to choose whether you would want to be a full time or part time instructor. It is always a great feeling to meet new people each day especially when word of mouth gets around about how wonderful your class is. It will only mean more people would want to attend it and your popularity would grow. The background of a Pilates instructor would vary. In fact, you won’t believe how some of them are highly trained professionals like doctors, engineers, and even scientists. When you are passionate about something, anything is indeed possible. In fact, there were some office workers who gave up their careers just to become a full time Pilates instructor.


The longer the instructor has been teaching Pilates classes, the bigger chances the salary does of going up. It is no surprise how those who have more than five years of experience can command more. It is all about being confident about your abilities. An experienced Pilates instructor has learned a lot of things that only experience can teach. All gym owners obviously know that which is the reason why they would pay more for experienced instructors. Experienced instructors would also attend class earlier than expected so it would start on time.

There are some Pilates instructors who have been doing it for a long time but they have been doing it on a part time basis. Thus, it is pretty far from those who have been doing it on a full time basis but as years go by, the part timers will also learn a whole lot of things especially when consulting with the other Pilates instructors that they know.

Number of Attendees

When you choose to teach at gyms, some of them would pay you according to the number of people who would attend your Pilates classes. In fact, they can give you an ultimatum that they may replace you if they see that only a few people are attending. The only thing you can do about that is to post on social media about your classes and hope for the best. Aside from that, there is basically nothing else that you can do. Of course, you must do your best so that the attendees would tell their friends to attend your class. It is a lot easier said than done because you won’t know at first how you are going to impress them. When you see the number of students increase, it means you are doing something right. You must be patient though as that is not going to happen right away. After all, it would take a few classes before you can impress some of your students.

The School

There are some gyms who look at where you have studied for your certification. If it is from a renowned school, they may even offer you a higher rate. They are aware that the Pilates instructors who came from renowned schools are pretty good at what they do. There are some schools that are so popular that their you are almost guaranteed a job when they find out that you studied there. On the other hand, they may be more likely to ask you to go through a trial class, if they see that you have a certification from a school that they have never heard of. Some schools have produced esteemed Pilates instructor courses in Sydney, who are so in demand, that they could walk into a high paying job as an instructor, anywhere in the world. Of course, most instructors are happy where they are and would rather be in their current position, and aren’t looking to move around constantly in search of a higher paying role.

Before becoming a Pilates instructor, you must undergo training. It is a good thing that usually does not last long, it is just three days. Furthermore, it is not that expensive if you take advantage of the early bird rate. It is advised when you look online to book right away when you see great rates, as you will likely see higher prices if you visit again. The full studio certification is much more expensive and would involve a lot of training. Of course, it would take a lot of hard work and determination to get through those courses. They are a lot harder than they look and not all students are able to get the certificate. That should not discourage you though, as the Pilates instructors will do their best to make sure everyone gets the certificate they have paid for.

There is no requirement for anybody to take a Pilates course. In fact, it would just require you the right will and determination to succeed. In a few hours, you know you would be on your way to success. It is no secret the thought of earning extra money as a Pilates instructor would encourage some people to take Pilates courses. It is always fun and doing it with like minded people. Also, you know you can still improve your skills even after finishing the course. It is also a great chance to network with other people so you can keep in touch with them when the course is over. When you bump into them by the streets, you can catch up and find out where they are currently working! Hope you’ve found this helpful guys! Check in for the next update soon!

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