Crisis Accommodation Residential Care

What is the accommodation support?

It is accommodation provided to those who can’t live on their own. Thus, there will be healthcare professionals who will be working there so they can help those who live there. Some nurses and doctors will be there since the people who need accommodation support are most likely sick. They can’t do anything about their physical disability as they just need to learn how to accept it. When they are old, they can’t do anything about that as everyone reaches that point sometime in their lives. Good thing, accommodation support has a 24-hour staff who will take care of the residents there. The last thing they would want to happen is for anybody to feel sick or become bored. They would always keep the residents there company.

What is SRS accommodation?

SRS means supported residential services. SRS accommodation is for people who need support in real life. Those who have a physical disability or senior citizens belong to this category as they need residential care. Meals are already provided in the SRS including home-cooked meals. Of course, workers would need to take note of each person’s diet before giving them food. The SRS accommodation will give each resident the right to privacy. It is understandable how some residents would not want to interact with the other people there for a variety of reasons. That must be respected since each person has his or her wishes when it comes to staying there.

Who is entitled to supported housing?

A social care assessment form is handed out to those who want to get crisis accommodation and residential care. Those who are entitled to receiving supported housing include the physically handicapped and senior citizens who have lots of illnesses. When you become too old, your body organs become a bit weak. For example, your feet may give you a hard time walking and you may need a roller to move from one place to another. When nobody is taking care of you at your house, it would be better to get SRS accommodation. When you get sick, they will arrange a visit to the nearest hospital right away. Don’t worry because, in case of any emergency, the supported housing staff knows basic first aid.

Can mental health team help with housing?

Since those who are in SRS accommodation will be away from their families for quite a long time, you can expect them to be depressed. Thus, a mental health team will be able to help with crisis accommodation and residential care. They can do a lot of activities with the residents at the home. Of course, they would need to know the different attitudes of all the people there so they can handle them properly. The mental health team can also explain to the residents that there will be visiting hours so your family won’t be gone forever. They can always visit during times that they are available. Keep in mind that they put you there for a reason.

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