Assist Socially Disadvantaged People

What does socially disadvantaged mean?

Socially disadvantaged people are those who have a long-term health condition. For example, your friend who walks on crutches every day to work is socially disadvantaged. When you see that person, you may as well help her. Doing a good deed is free.

Who are the socially disadvantaged in Australia?

Those who are getting racially discriminated are the ones who are socially disadvantaged. It would be a good deed to assist socially disadvantaged people in their everyday life. It will only be a matter of time before their mental health would also suffer. They would need someone to turn to and that person can be you. Indigenous Australians are also socially disadvantaged. You can’t blame anyone for looking down on them but that is just wrong.

What does social disadvantage in Australia mean?

It refers to people who have relatively low income. They can’t get to a higher income because of their lack of education at first. In a matter of time, they look to climb their way up to the ladder of success. Of course, that is going to take time so you will need to be patient.

What are disadvantaged groups?

Those who are single parents and those who suffer from mental illnesses make up a disadvantaged group. These groups normally have a lot of members. It is normally free to join a group and you will make new friends.

Who is disadvantaged in society?

Those who are looked down on are considered disadvantaged. Those who don’t have too many friends are too. Besides, it would be hard to make it anywhere when you are always by yourself. It would be better to make friends by joining groups and organizations who share the same interest as yours. Also, you would want to do your part in those groups so you will play a major role in their success.

What are some social disadvantages?

One great example would be getting racially discriminated at work. Your boss would not want to promote you because of the colour of your skin. If you are the only Asian guy in the office, it would be tough facing a problem like that. After all, you don’t have any allies and it would be a miracle if you have any friends in your situation. It would be better to join disadvantaged groups so you can let out your frustration.

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