Adult disability & Alternate education

There is a dire need to learn how to live with people with disabilities. This involves involving them in everything we do in school, home, work so that they can feel part of us.
How can you support the student with disabilities?

Students with disabilities require ultimate support by building facilities that will favour them. This is to help them feel part of the school community, according to disability Certification Course. Additionally, teachers should provide oral instruction and regular checks to ensure they are well attended to. The other normal students should be encouraged to perceive them as normal hence allowing them to interact freely and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. You should also give a disability awareness lesson by giving some examples of people who were disabled but they have made it in life. This creates positivity to help them know they have equal chances to succeed in life.

What might the challenges be in adolescents to having a disability?

Disability can be challenging especially to those who are adolescents. This is a period in their lives whereby they might get into an abusive relationship thinking that they have found someone who shares the same feeling. This predisposes them to sexual violence which might affect them psychologically. Therefore, it is important to teach them to be aware of their reproductive health so that they understand that they are just like any other adolescent. Society should also journey with them through the adolescent stage so that they don’t abuse because of being disabled. Their views should be accounted for.

What are the disability standards for education?

The disability standards for alternate education were formulated under the discrimination act to ensure the disabled have access to the inclusive educational framework. This is to ensure they are equally presented with a conducive environment to learn and compete equally just like their counterparts. Various standards focus on participation and inclusion, service management, feedback à nd complaints, and individual outcomes. These standards help the marginalized group of disabled students to have better education dispute their condition.

What is a reasonable adjustment in schools?

The reasonable adjustment in schools are changes that are made to ensure that the disabled student is offered an equal platform to enjoy school facilities and to actively participate in learning activities. Therefore, the schools should have a provision by customizing the construction of various facilities to ensure it can meet the needs of the disabled. This increases the productivity and convenience of such leaners as they go about their daily activities.

How do you motivate students with learning disabilities?

Motivating learners with disabilities is very essential in their overall development. You can do so by encouraging open and positive talks where they are given a platform to talk about their challenges and how they can resolve them. This encourages self-acceptance. Additionally, you should also help them to have realistic expectations but encouraging them to see the positive side of life. This is achieved by emphasizing positive affirmation which will help them to endure through the challenges because they know they have equal opportunity to succeed.

How do you modify activities for students with disabilities?

You can modify activities for students with disabilities by using lighter equipment which will not lead to injuries. Modify the rules and the size of the playing area and provide essential resting periods.

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